Brad Inglis SGS

Autumn Hebridean Tour with Sarah Smout

A tour in the most beautiful* place on earth!

5th: An Tobar, Isle of Mull
6th: Iona Library, Iona
8th: Taigh Chearsabhagh, North Uist
9th: Uig Community Centre, Lewis
12th: Ceol Cholasa (Colonsay Festival)

*we recognise that this is subjective (sort of)

Spring Highland Tour with Sarah Smout

Autumn Tour with Sarah Smout

Sarah Smout and I are going to do this lovely little house concerts tour and if you live in the area of any, do get in touch for details.

20th, Edinburgh (house concert)
25th, Glasgow (Tchai Ovna cafe)
27th, Hastings (house concert)
29th, Yorkshire ((farm)house concert)
5th (Nov), Brighton (house concert)
6th, Dulwich, London (house concert)

Last Wednesday Society’s 3rd Birthday

27th January 2016

I will play some songs among so many other very nice human performers to celebrate the 3rd birthday of London’s best regular event in existence. This takes place at Biddle Brothers and it will be at some point in the evening.

Burns Night at the Chandos Arms

25th Jan, 2016

Yes, well then I will be performing Burns songs at this excellent north London pub. There will also be a folk session, plus whisky galore and haggis, if you can stomach it. Starts at 8pm.


8th July 2015

Hello, I am playing at Hootananny in Brixton. I love it there. I’ll be accompanied by the wonderful Jim Rattigan AND the wonderful Charlie Cawood.

Supporting John Statz at The Harrison

Sunday 14th June

I’ll be supporting this lovely fellow at The Harrison, near Kings Cross. I think it’ll be pretty splendid, all told.

The Last Wednesday Society

27th May 2015

Yeah, I’m going to do an evening of songs and (some shy poems) at the wondrous Last Wednesday Society. Expect drunk humans, slightly confusing decor and the memory of a green parrot.

Hootananny Again

12th November 2014

Last time Jim and I played there, we had such a fun time, so we were very happy to be asked back. This is a link to the event on the Hootananny website. I’ll be on around 10pm, but come for the whole thing because the other acts will be lovely.

Willy Wallace Hostel

24th October 2014

Hello, I will be playing at the Willy Wallace Hostel in Stirling for their celebration of the 100000th backpacker. Starts at 5.30pm. Anyone in Stirling?

Rich Mix (supporting Finley Quaye)

26th September, 2014

Sadly this event is CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances.

Silencio Watford

6th September 2014

I will play at this lovely sounding event and I would love to see you there.

Chandos Arms

14th August 2014

Jim and I will headline this new folk night at the wonderful Chandos Arms in Colindale. Do come!

Acoustic Bunker

10th August 2014

I will play here with Jim, where here is Croydon and Jim is still Jim. The Acoustic Bunker takes place at Matthew’s Yard, which is: 1 Matthew’s Yard, Off Surrey Street, CRO 1FF, Croydon. It seems like a lovely event. Starts at 7pm.

Green Note

6th August 2014

I will play as part of a night organised by Folk Lore at the lovely Green Note in Camden. It’s a wonderful place to be sure.

Mojo Sunday

20th July 2014

I will play at beautiful Trangallan, in Newington Green (61 Newington Green, London, N16 9PX) for their regular folk event, Mojo Sunday. I’m headlining. See you there!

Folkroom @The Harrison

19th March 2014

Lovely Sophie Jamieson is curating a night for Folkroom Records and Jim and I will headline. Hooray! It’s at The Harrison.

Upstairs at The Ritzy

13th February 2014

Hello, there is going to be a night of just female acts organised by Steve Folk at the Ritzy. Hooray! I am very much looking forward to playing next to Abbey Bowden, Oh Sister and Samantha Whates. Jim will perform with me. He’s not a woman but that’s okay.


12th February 2014

I thought hootananny might be a word in Scots or even English so I looked it up in a dictionary on the internet but it seems to just be the name of a place in Inverness and another place in Brixton. Anyway, Jim and I will play a set at the Brixton one, supporting The Worry Dolls, who seem to be lovely from what I hear.

The Finsbury

2nd February 2014

Nice Steve Folk is starting a night at The Finsbury, and he’s celebrating by asking a whole mob of us to play very short sets. I will be one of them, and there will be some very nice others, to be sure.

Llewyn Davis comp

31st January 2014

Jim and I will play a set as part of the Curzon Soho‘s Llewyn Davis competition. I wonder it’s a competition to be obscure. Ahem. Anyway, do come along and cheer for us. They are turning the cinema into a gaslight cafe, which sounds very atmospheric. It starts at 6 and we are on at 8.30 and the facebook event is here.

Old St Pancras

10th January 2014

Yes, Jim and I will play one of the Old St Pancras sessions. How lovely! I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was when I went once before.

Softly Softly

24th November 2013

I will play at this lovely night. The poster says everything you need to know.

The Dentist

11th November 2013

Growing up, I was considered to be a dental curiosity. My teeth behaved so oddly after I had an accident with a sea buoy at the age of ten, that I found myself frequently in a solitary room in the children’s ward at the Dundee Dental Hospital, a dental nurse holding two plastic objects that pulled my lips away from my teeth, another taking photographs with a polaroid camera, and 10 or so other dentists, professors and doctors of dentistry, lecturers of dentistry and dental nurses leaning in, stroking their chins and muttering things like ‘how fascinating…’.

But I digress. This is the second of my London album celebratory gigs. The ever wonderful Jim Rattigan and the brilliant Matheu Watson will play with me, and we will share the bill with lovely Sophie Jamieson. The Dentist is a paradise of dilapidated loveliness. The peeling paint and strange fish-bowl effect of the windows are reason enough to come.  It’s at 33 Chatsworth Road. Homerton is the nearest overground station. See you there! xxx

The Oxford Hub (above Turl Street Kitchen)

9th November 2013

Yes, Jim, Matheu and I will play in Oxford. Hooray! We’d love to see you there. Here is a link that tells you how to get there. Starts at 8pm. The next morning we will play live on BBC Radio Oxford. So that’s another thing.

Old St Mary’s

8th November, 2013

To celebrate my album launch I am doing a couple of London gigs with Jim Rattigan and Matheu Watson. This is the first. Unplugged (probably), with candles (definitely), and the beautiful Romanian singer Monooka will be singing there too. It will have lots of atmosphere, just like planet earth as compared to other parts of space. Old St Mary’s is on Stoke Newington Church Street. It is the little old church opposite the big Victorian one and it is just next to Clissold Park. N16 9ES.

Glassy Mountain Album Launch – Scottish Storytelling Centre

2nd November 2013

I will launch my album “The Glassy Mountain” at the wonderful Scottish Storytelling Centre on the High Street in Edinburgh. Here is the place to buy tickets. I will perform with the very wonderful musicians Jim Rattigan, Matheu Watson, Fraser Fifield, Chris Peacock, Steven Christie and David Hart. It’s all very exciting. Book early!

The Finsbury

15th October 2013

I will play with Jim on that high up stage at the back of The Finsbury that has sort of luxuriant velvet curtains and feels a little bit like the stages where we did school plays back in the old days when I used to be a child, and t-shirts that changed colour with heat were in fashion. In a good way. I will be supporting Silvermoths who sound very beautiful from what I hear. 8pm.

St Mary’s Old Church Opening Festival

12th October 2013

This lovely 16th century church in Stoke Newington is turning into an arts centre and I will play at the festival that celebrates its opening.

Folk Modern at Wilton’s

9th September 2013

I will play with Jim Rattigan at Folk Modern in the Green Room cocktail bar at the delicious Wilton’s Music Hall. I think it will be very nice, so you should come.

Chatsworth Road Festival

7th September, 2013 (daytime)

Jim and I will play some songs at Dorée, the lovely new bakery on Chatsworth Road as part of the Chatsworth Road Festival. Come and try Emma’s delicious delicious bread and cakes and you can hear me sing a thing at the same time.

The Moth Bulb

2nd August 2013

Hello, yes I will sing alone, some Gaelic and some of my songs supporting the lovely Sophie Jamieson and Whiskey Moonface at this event where folk music meets theatre, in the darkness of The Courtyard Theatre’s basement theatre in Hoxton. Details here.


I am performing poems I wrote, set to jazz music by Jim Rattigan for French horn, piano and violin. See the poster for details.

The Ritzy

11th July, 2013

I will play again with Jim Rattigan upstairs at The Ritzy in Brixton from 8pm. Here are the details.

Hackney Homemade

Jim and I will do two half hour sets at the St John at Hackney Summer Fete. It’s organised by the lovely Hackney Homemade people. Come along and eat cheese and things like that. We’re on about 2 and 3.

The Old Queen’s Head

30th June 2013

Jim and I will play a set at The Old Queen’s Head in Islington. Upstairs I think. Such a nice place. 2.45pm. Do join us.

The Macbeth Roof Barbecue

23rd June 2013

Well yes I will do a set at this nice Beatnik event, with Jim Rattigan on French horn. It’s on the roof of The Macbeth, 70 Hoxton Street N1 6LP. I’m on at 7.

Here is the event on Facebook if you would rather see the details there.

Uncivilisation in the City

8th June, 2013

I am playing in this event at 4.30-5pm. It’s at the Walthamstow Marshes from 2pm till 8. Here is the link to the facebook event.

Biddle Brothers

27th March 2013

8pm, 88 Lower Clapton Road

Featured Act of the Last Wednesday Society, duo with Jim Rattigan followed by performance poetry with jazz from Jim Rattigan, Liam Noble and Thomas Gould

InSpiral Lounge

17th March 2013

8pm, 250 Camden High Street

With Jim Rattigan (French horn), and Maria Lee Warren and Ösp Eldjárn (vocal harmonies).